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Startups 01

ChatGPT and Startups – ‘Startup In-A-Box’

Unlock the synergy between ChatGPT and startups with our ‘Startup In-A-Box’ course. Tailored for budding entrepreneurs, this unique offering walks you through building a startup from the ground up, leveraging cutting-edge AI tools. Delivered by a seasoned entrepreneur with significant market success, and in collaboration with the Digital Greenhouse, this course promises not just knowledge but an actionable startup blueprint


Executive 01

ChatGPT for Executives: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age

In today’s digital age, leadership is about evolution, agility, and staying ahead of the curve. “ChatGPT for Executives” bridges the gap between traditional leadership and cutting-edge AI technologies. Delve into the world of prompt engineering and virtual assistants, and discover how they can revolutionise your workspace. This course isn’t merely about technology; it’s about shaping the future of business. Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to lead more efficiently, streamline operations, and offer unparalleled support within your organisation. The future is AI – and it starts in the boardroom.


HR professionals collaborating with AI systems.

ChatGPT for HR: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age

Attention HR professionals! Dive into the realm of AI with “ChatGPT for HR: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age”. This course is your passport to a future where AI aids in HR processes, bringing efficiency and precision to every task. Whether you’re crafting job descriptions, handling employee queries, or streamlining HR workflows, AI is the partner you’ve been waiting for. Join us and become part of the HR digital transformation. The future is now.


Business Marketing 02

ChatGPT for Marketing: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age

In the rapidly evolving MARKETING landscape, staying ahead is paramount. “ChatGPT for MARKETING: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age” offers MARKETING professionals an invaluable resource to tap into the transformative potential of AI. Learn to harness AI-driven insights and tools to enhance your campaigns, ensuring your brand remains a forerunner in the digital age. Equip yourself with the latest techniques, bridging the gap between MARKETING and AI.



Salesperson using ChatGPT for enhancing sales strategies.

ChatGPT for Sales: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age

In a digital era, SALES personnel need to be on the forefront of innovation. Our course, “ChatGPT for SALES”, is specifically designed to elevate your sales game with the power of AI. You’ll be introduced to transformative tools and techniques, from prompt engineering to chatbot integrations, to supercharge your sales processes. Stand out, stay ahead, and embrace the future of sales with us!


Business 01

ChatGPT for Business: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age

Delve into the world where business meets AI. Our course, “ChatGPT for BUSINESS: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age”, is a transformative experience designed for forward-thinking professionals. Whether you’re a business professional, business administrator, or a self-employed mogul, this is your opportunity to get ahead, mastering the art of prompt engineering and the strategic application of AI. With a blend of theory, real-world application, and an immersive syllabus, you’ll be poised to redefine business in the age of digital innovation.

GPT-4 Playground

Playground 01

GPT-4 Playground – an OpenAI API Bootcamp

Embark on an immersive journey with the GPT-4 Playground, an OpenAI API Bootcamp exclusively offered by Duforest AI. Dive deep into the magic behind ChatGPT and its versatile plugin modules, witnessing firsthand the creation and integration of a ChatGPT plugin. With early access granted to us by OpenAI, this course uniquely positions you at the forefront of AI advancements, leveraging Python, Node.js, and open-source apps. As AI evolves, so does our course, ensuring you stay abreast with the latest in OpenAI API specifications.

ChatGPT Plugins

Plugins 01

ChatGPT Plugins – GPT4 Programming & Deployment

Delve deep into the world of ChatGPT Plugins with our exclusive GPT-4 Programming & Deployment course. Witness firsthand the birth of a plugin, from ideation to its integration on the ChatGPT website. With early access granted by OpenAI, this course offers a unique experience, using ChatGPT itself to aid in coding. Learn the intricacies of sourcing APIs, building functionalities, and actual deployment. By the conclusion, you’ll be equipped to contribute to the ChatGPT Plugin store, staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of AI.

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ChatGPT for Marketing: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age

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