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ChatGPT GPTs, Assistants API

Monetise the potential of AI with ChatGPT GPTs, Assistants API

Welcome to Duforest AI, an authorised OpenAI developer at the forefront of AI technology. We are pioneers in designing bespoke GPTs and AI Assistants, tailored to redefine how businesses and individuals engage with artificial intelligence. With the recent launch of the OpenAI GPT Store, we are positioned to transform the AI landscape, offering custom GPTs that can soon be monetised (estimated April 2024).


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Custom GPT Development

Personalised GPTs for Every Need. Discover our range of custom-built GPTs, uniquely tailored to meet your specific requirements. Catering to niche industries, specialised tasks, or innovative applications, our GPTs are designed to deliver unparalleled performance, leveraging the latest in AI advancements.


AI Assistants Using OpenAI’s API

Your Digital Companions. Experience the power of AI with our sophisticated AI Assistants, developed using OpenAI’s cutting-edge Assistants API. Ideal for enhancing customer service, automating tasks, and driving business efficiency, our AI Assistants are your reliable digital partners.


The OpenAI GPT Store: A New Frontier

Harnessing the Marketplace: OpenAI GPT Store. The recently launched OpenAI GPT Store serves as a dynamic marketplace for AI-created apps, especially those based on generative AI models like GPT-4. It democratises AI application creation, offering an accessible platform for both seasoned developers and non-technical users to create, share, and potentially monetise custom GPTs. With ease of use, customisation, marketplace exposure, financial opportunities, and broad consumer appeal, the GPT Store fosters a diverse ecosystem of AI-powered applications.


Accessibility and Monetisation

Public and Private Use: Accessibility Redefined. Our products provide the flexibility of being used privately or listed in the ChatGPT GPTs store. Engage with a wider audience or maintain exclusive access, the choice is yours. With the prospect of monetisation, a new era of AI commercialisation awaits, offering lucrative opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs.


Our Portfolio and Experience

Proven Expertise, Diverse Portfolio. With a portfolio of over 250 custom GPTs, our extensive experience speaks for itself. Join a growing list of satisfied clients who have leveraged our AI solutions to elevate their operations, ensuring that every interaction is impactful and every solution is cutting-edge.


Ready to explore the potential of custom AI? Contact us today to discuss how Duforest AI can bring your AI vision to life, ensuring your brand is at the forefront of the digital revolution.


Welcome to the GPT directory of Duforest AI, where innovation meets precision in the realm of artificial intelligence. Our diverse portfolio showcases GPTs tailored to various interests and industries, epitomising our dedication to delivering bespoke AI solutions. Whether you seek expansive knowledge or niche expertise, our collection is a testament to the breadth and depth of our capabilities. Engage with our GPTs and find the perfect match for your requirements.

GPT Store Directory – Public GPTs

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Motoring Guides

Lifestyle Guides

Travel Guides

GPT Private Directory – Finance GPTs

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ESG & Sustainability

  • Aegis ESG Advisory

Financial Services РGovernance, Risk, and Compliance 

  • Aegis GRC – Crown Dependencies
  • Aegis GRC – Overseas Territories
  • Aegis GRC – UK and British Offshore


  • Aegis GDPR – Guernsey
  • Aegis GDPR – Jersey
  • Aegis GDPR – Isle of Man
  • Aegis GDPR – UK, Europe, British Offshore


  • Aegis PHARMA

Duforest AI’s directory reflects our commitment to creating custom GPTs that serve a myriad of purposes, from leisurely exploration to professional applications. Our meticulously crafted GPTs ensure that you have access to specialised knowledge and expertise, enhancing your decision-making and experiences.

Immerse yourself in the world of customised AI with Duforest AI. Discover the perfect GPT for your needs and let us guide you towards a future where every interaction is informed, intelligent, and insightful.

Stay informed about the latest additions to our GPT collection and our evolving services. For inquiries or requests for custom GPT development, reach out to us at



Custom ChatGPT GPTs Creation at Duforest AI:

At Duforest AI, we harness the full potential of ChatGPT to craft custom GPTs that align precisely with your business requirements and objectives.

Our Process:

Initiation & Customisation: We begin by understanding your specific needs, translating them into tailored instructions that set the foundation for your custom GPT.


Advanced Configuration: Leveraging the ‘Configure’ tab, we:

  • Fine-Tune Prompts: Our expertise in prompt engineering allows us to craft precise conversation starters and prompts.
  • Integrate Specialised Knowledge: We enrich the GPT with your business-specific data, ensuring the model understands and operates within your domain.
  • Define Actions: Our team sets up specific actions, enabling the GPT to interact seamlessly with your existing systems and third-party applications.


Rigorous Testing & Refinement: We engage in comprehensive testing, fine-tuning the model iteratively to ensure it meets your expectations and requirements.


Deployment & Publication: We oversee the publication process, ensuring the GPT is accessible in the manner you prefer, whether for internal use or on platforms like the GPT Store


AI Assistants

OpenAI Assistants API Integration by Duforest AI:

Our team at Duforest AI leverages the OpenAI Assistants API to build powerful, bespoke AI assistants, integrating them within your applications to enhance functionality and user interaction.

Our Expertise:

Assistant Creation & Customisation:

    • Tailored Assistant Configuration: We configure assistants based on your specific guidelines, objectives, and the chosen GPT models.
    • Efficient Thread Management: We manage user conversations, ensuring seamless interaction and context management.
    • Dynamic Assistant Invocation: Our approach involves precise invocation of assistants to generate accurate, context-aware responses.

Leveraging Built-in Tools:

      • Code Interpreter: We integrate coding capabilities to automate and streamline operations.
      • Knowledge Retrieval: Our assistants are empowered to retrieve and utilise external knowledge, making interactions more informative and relevant.
      • Functionality Enhancement: We enable assistants to perform complex functions, increasing their utility in your operations.

Seamless Integration & Usage:

    • Secure Setup: We handle the setup process, ensuring secure and efficient use of the OpenAI KEY and other credentials.
    • Data Management: Our team expertly manages file uploads and data interactions, aligning with your specific use cases.
    • Interaction Management: We oversee the initiation and management of interactions, ensuring that every conversation with the assistant is coherent, meaningful, and valuable


At Duforest AI, our goal is to bridge the gap between your vision and AI’s potential. Through our expertise in Custom ChatGPT GPTs and OpenAI Assistants API, we deliver solutions that are not just technologically advanced but are also in perfect harmony with your business needs and aspirations.



GPTs and AI-powered Chatbots Tailored for Every Need

SPARK: A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, specifically designed for WordPress sites. It delivers a mission crafted by Prompt Engineering and provides a ChatGPT style experience to the users.

SPRINT: An advanced AI-powered assistant. It encompasses all features of Spark and, additionally, is ‘content aware’ of the text on your web pages. This enables Sprint to use this extra information to provide more detailed and nuanced answers. Moreover, it offers enhanced support for the GPT-4 Language Model.

SPECTRA: A highly intelligent AI-powered assistant. It includes all the features of Sprint and additionally allows for the creation of an extensive custom knowledge base. The information from this knowledge base can be integrated with the ChatGPT style responses, making the answers even more comprehensive.

SOVEREIGN: The zenith of AI Virtual Assistant technology, meticulously engineered to include one or multiple channels, in addition to WordPress. It also seamlessly integrates with various business applications, providing a comprehensive digital assistant experience that goes beyond just answering questions.

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