Executives in dialogue with a backdrop of AI symbols, highlighting the strategic use of AI tools in conversation.

ChatGPT for Executives


ChatGPT for Executives: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age

Unlock the potential of AI and prompt engineering with “ChatGPT for Executives: AI Prompts for Leading in the Digital Age”. This bespoke course is meticulously designed for executives in the heart of the business world – those at the forefront in boardrooms, senior management, and as departmental heads. Delve into the transformative capabilities of AI, learn how to harness virtual assistants and AI automation, and explore innovative strategies to elevate your workplace operations. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a self-employed visionary, this course promises a paradigm shift in your approach to modern leadership.

This course is a LIVE, instructor-led webinar that can be accessed globally with an internet connection.

Delegates will access a FREE Prompt Library consisting of 1000+ prompts, and gain CPD Accreditation worth 7 hours, culminating in a personalised certificate. For further mastery, an option to achieve the “Prompt Master” status via an end-course test is available. Additionally, delegates are invited to our exclusive Discord and WhatsApp communities for networking and support. Bookings are through Eventbrite, with Early Bird discounts and a full refund policy.

Executives in dialogue with a backdrop of AI symbols, highlighting the strategic use of AI tools in conversation.
Executives in dialogue with a backdrop of AI symbols, highlighting the strategic use of AI tools in conversation.
Executives in dialogue with a backdrop of AI symbols, highlighting the strategic use of AI tools in conversation.

Course Overview: Our course lays a solid foundation with the fundamentals of AI and generative models, before diving deep into the art and psychology of prompt engineering. Executives will gain hands-on experience with a multitude of AI tools, mastering their nuances for optimum business application. The syllabus further extends to strategic AI utilisation in decision-making, leadership communication, and daily operations, culminating in a comprehensive study on ethics, transparency, and compliance in AI. An immersive learning experience awaits.

Course Objectives:

  • Grasp the core concepts of AI, its evolution, and its ethical considerations.
  • Master the craft of effective prompt engineering for varied business applications.
  • Establish a consistent corporate tone and voice using AI.
  • Enhance business communication tools, from emails to presentations, with AI’s touch.
  • Leverage AI for strategic decision-making and financial forecasting.
  • Integrate AI seamlessly into daily executive workflows and operations.
  • Capitalise on AI for talent management, from acquisition to leadership development.
  • Stay ahead with knowledge on AI ethics, compliance, and transparency.

Session 1: Foundations of AI & Generative Models

  • AI Overview
    • What is AI & AGI?
    • Large Language Models: Basics and Beyond
  • Language & Tools
    • ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, and Bing Overview
    • Differentiating AI Tools
    • Playground vs. Chat
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and NLU
    • AI Evolution & Ethics
      • Ethical Considerations in AI
      • Understanding Model Biases
      • Addressing Bias: Pros, Cons & Challenges
      • Historical Milestones: From Rule-based to Deep Learning
    • AI Limitations & Applications
      • Recognizing Model Limitations & Pitfalls
      • Practical Use Cases Across Sectors

    Session 2: Prompt Engineering Foundation

    • Deep Dive & Psychology
      • Crafting Effective Prompts
      • The Psychology Behind Engaging Prompts
    • Role-play & Proposals
      • Role-play Simulations: “Act as a…”
      • Crafting Proposals: “Propose a deal for…”
    • Customer Understanding
      • Engaging with Users: “From the Perspective of…”
    • Transfer Learning & Context
      • Chats and Transfer Learning
      • Effective Prompt Crafting for Contextual Results
    • Elicitation & Chain-of-Thought
      • Techniques: “Explain like…”, “Expand on…”, “Act as…”
      • Single & Multishot Prompts Exploration
    • Feedback, Safety & Evaluation
      • Safety Measures with AI
      • Moderation & Harm Prevention
      • Iterative Design & Feedback Loop
      • Systematic Evaluation of AI Responses
    • Handling Ambiguities
      • Clarifying Prompts
      • Avoiding Ambiguous Instructions Pitfalls

    Session 3: Prompt Engineering for Universal Business Applications

    • Introduction
      • The Importance of AI-aided Business Tools
      • Relevance of Prompt Engineering Across Functions
    • AI in Email Communication
      • Crafting Effective Email Subject Prompts
      • Personalizing Email Content Using AI
      • Automation: Scheduling, Follow-ups, and Sorting with AI Assistance
    • Document Creation & Refinement
      • AI-assisted Template Generation
      • Editing & Proofreading with AI: Tailoring Tone and Style
      • Generating Summaries and Abstracts
    • Spreadsheets & Data Analysis
      • Data Entry & Automation Using AI
      • Predictive Analysis & Forecasting with AI-driven Prompts
      • Visual Representation: Charts, Graphs & Data Visualization Aided by AI
    • Slide Presentation Enhancement
      • AI-Driven Design & Layout Suggestions
      • Content Refinement: From Bullet Points to Narratives
      • Audience Engagement: Crafting AI-aided Polls & Interactive Segments
    • Social Media Strategy & Engagement
      • Tailoring Content for Different Platforms with AI
      • Engagement Analysis & Predictive Trends
      • Content Scheduling and Automation
    • AI-assisted Collaboration Tools
      • Virtual Brainstorming & Idea Generation
      • Task Management & Prioritization Aided by AI
      • Meeting Notes & Minutes: AI-driven Summaries and Action Points
    • Best Practices & Ethics
      • Keeping Authenticity in AI-Generated Communications
      • Respecting Privacy & Data Protection
      • Avoiding Over-reliance: When to Trust and When to Question AI Outputs

    Session 4: Strategic AI for Decision Making

    1. Crafting Strategic AI Prompts
      • AI Aided Decision Analysis: Risk, Opportunities, and Predictions
      • Generating SWOT Analysis & Predictive Market Changes Using AI
      • Evaluating ROI on AI Investments
    2. Financial Forecasting & Investment
      • AI-assisted Budgeting and Financial Projections
      • Predictive Analysis of Market Trends and Changes
      • AI-driven Analysis of Investment Opportunities and ROI Projections
    3. AI in Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Identifying Potential Business Matches using AI Analysis
      • Crafting AI-assisted Proposals and Deal Structures

    Session 5: AI in Leadership Communication & Brand Image

    1. Leadership Narratives & Messaging
      • Crafting AI-assisted Leadership Messages
      • Addressing Company Achievements, Changes, and Challenges
    2. Public Relations & Reputation Management
      • Crafting AI-assisted Crisis Communications
      • Identifying Potential PR Issues and Crafting Proactive Responses
    3. Annual Reports & Board Summaries
      • AI Assisted Data Compilation & Analysis
      • Crafting Concise Executive Summaries with AI Help

    Session 6: Integrating AI in Daily Operations & Workflows

    1. AI in Daily Executive Workflow
      • Setting AI Goals & KPIs for Executive Management
      • Time Management & Productivity Boosts with AI
    2. AI-Driven Tools & Automation
      • Workflow Automation: Tasks & Processes
      • Exploring and Implementing AI Tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion
    3. Future of AI in Business Operations
      • Updates on Bedrock, X.AI, and Auto-GPT
      • Preparing for AGI Integration and its Potential Impacts

    Session 7: Talent Management & Employee Engagement with AI

    1. Employee Well-being & Feedback
      • AI Aided Surveys and Feedback Collection
      • Identifying Employee Needs & Concerns through AI Analysis
    2. AI in Talent Acquisition
      • AI in Candidate Shortlisting and Analysis
      • Crafting AI-assisted Onboarding Programs and Training Modules
    3. AI-Driven Leadership Development
      • Identifying Leadership Potential through AI Analysis
      • Crafting AI-assisted Leadership Training and Development Plans

    Session 8: Ethics, Transparency, and Compliance in AI

    1. Transparency in AI Decisions
      • Ensuring Clarity in AI-driven Business Strategies
      • Communicating AI Decision-making Processes to Stakeholders
    2. Addressing AI Ethics & Bias
      • Understanding Deep-rooted AI Biases
      • Crafting Company-wide AI Ethics Guidelines and Protocols
    3. AI Legislation and Compliance
      • Staying Ahead of AI-related Laws and Regulations
      • Integrating AI in a Legally Compliant Manner



      🌟 Footnotes:
      1. Given the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of Artificial Intelligence, this syllabus is subject to periodic revisions. While the syllabus might undergo modifications between its first publication and a course presentation, its core essence will remain steadfast. Our commitment is to ensure that the content always mirrors the latest advancements in AI and reflects the most contemporary generative AI tools available.

      2. This syllabus serves as a comprehensive overview of potential topics for the course and is not an exhaustive list of what will be covered during any specific presentation. Each course iteration is tailored uniquely based on the needs and requirements of the attending delegates. As such, certain topics may be omitted if they are not deemed relevant for a particular group. Rest assured, regardless of the topics covered, the primary objectives of the course will always be met.


      FREE Prompt Library
      Delegates will receive a comprehensive library of prompts in either PDF or Notion format, covering a wide array of topics and tasks. These prompts can be utilised as a valuable daily resource.

      CPD Accredited
      This course is accredited for 7 CPD hours.

      Course Certificate
      A personalised certificate will be presented to all who successfully complete this course.

      Prompt Master
      “Prompt Master” status can be attained by successfully passing an optional end-of-course test.

      Discord Server
      Delegates will have the opportunity to join our exclusive Discord server and WhatsApp communities. This allows them to connect with others who have completed a Duforest AI course. These resources provide a platform for sharing experiences, discussing best practices, and seeking ongoing support from Duforest AI.




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      09 November 2023
      07 December 2023

      £299 – Early Bird
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      This course is a LIVE, instructor-led webinar that can be accessed globally with an internet connection.

      TIMING – London time
      Registration from 08:45
      The course start promptly at 09:00 and ends at 17:00
      There will be a 15 minute break both morning and afternoon. There will be a 30 minute break for lunch.

      All bookings are handled by Eventbrite
      Early Bird prices apply up to 30 days before the course
      Full Refund up to 30 days before the course


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