Revolutionise Your Estate Agency With An AI-Assistant

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About AI-Assistants

Empower Your Agency with AI: ChatGPT and AI Assistants

In a world that is evolving at a breakneck pace, estate agents need smart, adaptive tools to stay competitive. Integrating ChatGPT in your office operations, along with our suite of AI-powered GPTs and Chatbot assistants, can profoundly enhance customer interactions, streamline operations, and elevate overall efficiency.

Estate Agency & AI Chatbots

Natural Language Understanding
Understand and respond to client inquiries instantly and accurately.


Brand Personality Reflection
Customise the Assistant’s tone and language to mirror your Estate Agency’s brand identity.


Simultaneous Conversations
Manage dozens of conversations at the same time without compromising on quality.


Complete Transactions
Facilitate recommendations, complete transactions, and more, all in real-time.


Addressing enquiries, your AI-Assistant promptly reacts and initiates a dialogue with your client. We will collaborate with you to guarantee that the AI-Assistant adheres to all your brand’s standards and communicates in a manner that mirrors your company’s character. Moreover, the Assistant has the capacity to manage thousands of dialogues simultaneously!

AI-Assistants & Estate Agency

Will seamlessly blend with your WordPress site and, via ‘prompt engineering’, will acquire basic details about your business like opening hours, location, and so on. Its advantage to your enterprise will be leveraging the intelligence of ChatGPT to respond to inquiries about the locality and property dealings.

Sprint is more advanced, as it can integrate any information published on your web pages along with the knowledge from ChatGPT. Sprint can now answer questions about property listings.

With Spectra, we can incorporate a custom knowledge base, enabling us to provide much more detailed answers than those available on the property description pages, or even answer comparative questions. This means that not only can we provide comprehensive information on a single property, but we can also help customers make informed decisions by comparing different properties based on their requirements.


Sovereign is the flagship of our range, engineered bespoke to your needs. It interprets a user’s intent, adding buttons and other control options to natural language understanding. Sovereign can be accessed across multiple channels, including WhatsApp and Facebook, and integrated with many standard business apps, such as Gmail, Notion, and Salesforce.


Companies believe that AI Assistants will gain importance for customer communication (CCW)


The average conversion rate of AI Assistant in some industries can reach up to (Tidio).


Is the average increase in sales brought about by implementing an AI Assistant (Outgrow)

24 – 7 – 365

Your AI-Powered Assistant is prepared to converse round-the-clock, daily, eliminating the need for your customers to be put on hold or wait in lines. Be it Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, among others, your AI-Assistant can be integrated into your own website, or showcase its capabilities on any principal messaging platform. This provides you with infinite possibilities to access a significantly larger audience.

1 : 1

Your AI-Assistant can serve as a personal consultant, providing a genuine individualised experience for your customers. It can be programmed to offer guidance, suggest options, and will recall all of your customers’ selections for their subsequent visit


“AI-Assistant ‘Sovereign’ has completely transformed the way we interact with our clients. It’s not only streamlined our appointment scheduling and property inquiries but also provided a personalised experience to our clients by answering their questions in real-time, any time of the day. The ability to integrate with our existing applications has made it an invaluable tool for our business.”

Estate Agent


“Using AI-Assistant ‘Sprint’ has been a game-changer for my practice. It allows me to be more accessible to my clients by answering their questions and providing support even when I am not available. It is incredibly intuitive and has been a great help in managing my appointments and providing information on my services. It’s like having a personal assistant that never sleeps.”



“We implemented AI-Assistant ‘Spectra’ in our clinic, and the results have been remarkable. It’s not just a chatbot; it’s like having an extra member of staff that is available 24/7. It helps our patients with booking appointments, answering common questions, and providing valuable information about our services. Our staff can now focus on providing the best care possible without being overwhelmed by administrative tasks.”

Healthcare Clinic

Book a Demo and Enjoy a 10% Discount on All Models!

Feel free to get in touch to schedule a demo of our Estate Agency AI Assistants. We would be delighted to extend a 10% discount on any AI-Assistant you choose to commission.

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