ChatGPT Plugins – GPT4 Programming & Deployment
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ChatGPT Plugins are GPT4 based modules that connect ChatGPT to external applications, allowing ChatGPT to extend its capabilities.

This ChatGPT Plugins course is for those interested in programming, developing, and deploying GPT4 Plugins. The course starts with some Prompt Engineering as we will be using ChatGPT itself to help with the coding required. The course then follows a ChatGPT Plugin from first idea to deployment on the ChatGPT website.

OpenAI have granted Duforest AI early access to both the GPT-4 API and ChatGPT Plugin development environment.

While everyone has access to the immense power of ‘ChatGPT’, those who master crafting input prompts are the ones likely to achieve greater success.


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What You'll Learn

On this course, you will witness the creation of a ChatGPT plugin, from first concept to implementation. This will include using ChatGPT from ideation, sourcing APIs, building app functionality, creating the Manifest JSON file, and configuring the OpenAI YAML file, we will host the app on a public server, then configure ChatGPT to use our app. We will use free and open-source apps to cover every aspect of the process, with a focus on Python and Node.js. 

Amazingly, we will utilise ChatGPT to write and debug our application and its associated files. By the end of the course, with a ChatGPT plugin license, you will be able to develop and offer plugins on the ChatGPT Plugin store!

Note: the syllabus for this course is under constant review in line with changes to the OpenAI Plugins spec.

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Session 1 : Prompt Engineering

  • Elements to a Good Prompt
  • Zero-Shot vs Few-Shot
  • Output formatting
  • Thinking ‘Step-by-Step’
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Session 2: App Functionality

  • Python or Node.JS
  • API sources
  • ChatGPT code writing
  • ChatGPT code debugging
  • API endpoints
  • Repl
  • Secrets
  • Shell
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Session 3 : Manifest Files

  • Key value pairs and arrays
  • ai-plugin.json
  • Flask
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Session 5 : Hosting

  • Waitress
  • Unique URL
  • Run
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Session 6 : ChatGPT Integration

  • Plugin Store Entry
  • Plugin Application Url
  • Install for Me
  • Test Prompt
  • Code Debug
  • Test, Test, Test
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ChatGPT Course Certificate

A personalised certificate will be presented to everyone successfully completing this ‘ChatGPT Plugins – GPT4 Programming & Deployment’ couse.


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CPD Accredited

This ‘ChatGPT Plugins’ training course is accredited for 7 CPD hours.


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Course Resources

    Prompt Library – 1000+ prompts

    Delegates will receive a comprehensive library of prompts in PDF or Notion format, covering a wide range of topics and administrative tasks. These prompts can be utilised as a valuable daily resource.

    Community Access

    Delegates will have the opportunity to join our exclusive Discord server and WhatsApp communities, enabling them to connect with others who have completed the ChatGPT Mastery course. These resources offers a platform for sharing experiences, discussing best practices, and seeking ongoing support from Duforest AI.


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    “If ChatGPT was the “iPhone moment” for AI, Plugins is the App Store moment”


    “Plugins are a modest name for what could be the most powerful developer platform ever created.”

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