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SPARK is the entry model to our AI-Assistant range of chatbots, designed exclusively for WordPress websites. It operates based on a Prompt Engineering mission and is powered by the knowledge of ChatGPT, making it capable of interpreting user intent through Natural Language Understanding (NLU). This model is ideal for businesses looking to provide basic yet intelligent responses to user inquiries.

Possible Uses:

  1. Local Restaurant: Provide information on opening hours, menu items, and reservation policies.
  2. Small Retail Business: SPARK can handle inquiries about store opening hours, location.
  3. Home-Based Bakery: Answer basic questions about the menu, how to place an order, and delivery options.
  4. Community Centre: Provide general information about the centre’s facilities, opening hours, and ongoing community events.
  5. Independent Consultant: Provide basic information about the consultant’s services, expertise, and how to book a consultation.
  6. Osteopath Clinic: SPARK can answer general questions about osteopathy using ChatGPT, and provide clinic-specific information, like opening hours and address, through its Prompt Engineered mission.


SiteSage Surge CS 01

SPRINT is a step up from SPARK, offering all its features with the added advantage of being ‘content aware’. This means it not only understands user intent but also has the knowledge of the website’s content, allowing it to provide more tailored responses. Like SPARK, it is designed exclusively for WordPress websites but has the advanced capabilities of the GPT-4 Large Language Model (LLM).

Possible Uses:

  1. Estate Agency: Provide information about available listings, viewings, and services based on the content of their website.
  2. Health Practitioner: SPRINT can answer general health-related questions using ChatGPT, and provide specific information from the website’s content, such as services offered, practitioner qualifications, and appointment booking procedures.
  3. Fitness Instructor: Provide information on class schedules, types of classes offered, and membership options.
  4. Travel Agency: Provide tailored recommendations and information on travel packages, destinations, and booking procedures.


SiteSage Spectrum CS ST 02

SPECTRA is more advanced than SPRINT, providing all its features while also supporting custom knowledge through text files known as embeddings. These embeddings are analysed and stored in a vector database, making their knowledge accessible and available to the LLM when answering questions. This model is perfect for businesses that require advanced chatbot functionalities and the ability to utilise custom knowledge.

Possible Uses:

  1. Healthcare Provider: Provide information on services, doctors, and medical procedures, and utilise custom knowledge for advanced inquiries.
  2. Legal Firm: Provide information on legal services, areas of expertise, and consultation scheduling, and utilise custom knowledge for advanced inquiries.
  3. Museum or Cultural Institution: Provide information on exhibitions, events, and visitor information, and utilise custom knowledge for advanced inquiries.


SiteSage Sovereign 01

SOVEREIGN is the top-of-the-range model, offering a totally bespoke solution. It blends NLU with guided logic via buttons and decision trees, is webpage content aware, and supports custom knowledge via embedding files and a vector database. Additionally, SOVEREIGN can be accessed via multiple channels, such as any website, Facebook, WhatsApp, and can be integrated with various applications like Gmail, Notion, Zapier, Salesforce, etc. This model is perfect for businesses that require comprehensive and interactive responses and integration across various platforms and applications.

Possible Uses:

  1. Healthcare System: Provide information about services, doctors, and appointment scheduling across various channels and applications.
  2. Financial Institution: Provide information on banking services, account management, and financial planning across various channels and applications.
  3. Tourism Board: Provide information on attractions, accommodations, and travel advisories across various channels and applications.

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AI-Assistant ‘Spectra’  – a truly versatile Chatbot for any WordPress environment. Integrates it’s Prompt Engineered mission, with Content Awareness of web pages, NLU intent determination, custom knowledgebase via embeddings and a vector database, GPT-4 support, and ChatGPT style interaction.

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AI-Assistant ‘Sprint’ – an AI chatbot for WordPress sites. Prompt Engineered mission, GPT-4 support and  Content Aware of web pages.

AI-Assistant ‘Spectra’
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