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Dive into the realm of AI-driven chatbots with our elegant yet robust ‘SiteSage Spark’ service. Crafted in the style of ChatGPT, we curate a bespoke chatbot, replete with unique features and behaviours, tailored to align with your business aspirations. Flawlessly melding with your WordPress website, this AI marvel not only excels in customer service, staff training, and HR onboarding but also offers insightful tracking of OpenAI usage statistics. Streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate your WordPress experience with a dash of sophisticated AI.


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Ascend to the next echelon of AI-enhanced interactivity with ‘SiteSage Surge’. This advanced service goes beyond traditional chatbots, embracing the fusion of your unique data and AI prowess. Tailored to reflect your brand’s identity, SiteSage Surge not only offers seamless integration but also empowers your website with personalised training, embeddings, and a rich knowledge base. By tapping into your company’s distinct data, it crafts custom interactions that resonate deeply with your audience. With SiteSage Surge, you’re not just adopting a chatbot; you’re elevating the digital dialogue between your brand and its patrons.


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Unleash a new dimension of AI-assisted communication with ‘SiteSage Spectrum’. This avant-garde chatbot solution is meticulously crafted to offer guided logic and boundless versatility. Whether you’re operating on WordPress or branching out to platforms like WhatsApp or Amazon Alexa, SiteSage Spectrum effortlessly integrates, bridging the communication gap with grace. Boasting compatibility with renowned NLUs and supporting various LLMs, it ensures your brand remains at the forefront of digital innovation. With SiteSage Spectrum, transcend traditional boundaries and curate conversations that captivate and convert.


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Step into the zenith of AI-driven digital experiences with ‘SiteSage Sovereign’. This premier service melds cutting-edge chatbot technology with your established web applications, creating a seamless and enhanced user journey. Whether it’s streamlining client appointment bookings, facilitating shopping cart interactions, or simplifying customer registrations, SiteSage Sovereign is at the helm, ensuring an unparalleled digital interaction. It’s not merely an upgrade; it’s a transformative evolution. With ‘SiteSage Sovereign’, you’re not just integrating a chatbot; you’re orchestrating a symphony of digital harmony that positions your business above the rest.

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SiteSage Spectrum  – a truly versatile Chatbot for any web environment. Integrates with WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger. Bespoke mix of button and free-form inputs, with decision trees and advanced flow logic.

SiteSage Surge
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SiteSage Surge – an AI chatbot for WordPress sites. Prompt Engineered using GPT-4, Context Aware, Embeddings, Tuning, Vector Database.

SiteSage Surge
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