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Unleash the Potential of AI with ‘Spark’

Unleash the potential of AI-powered Assistants & Chatbots with our fundamental yet advanced ‘Spark’ service. We will craft a unique ChatGPT-style chatbot, loaded with distinctive features and behaviours tailored to your business needs. Perfectly integrated into your WordPress website, this AI chatbot is engineered to automate and optimise your business operations, ultimately saving you time and resources. Elevate your WordPress site with a touch of AI!


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Introducing SPARK

Meet SPARK, your gateway to a world of intelligent user engagement, exclusively designed for WordPress websites. This revolutionary model leverages the power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the knowledge of ChatGPT, and the capability of GPT-3 Large Language Model (LLM) to enhance user experiences like never before.

Discover the Power of AI with SPARK

Embrace the future with SPARK, a tool engineered to interpret user intent and deliver relevant, accurate responses. With SPARK, you’re not just getting a chatbot; you’re getting a digital companion that understands your users and responds intelligently to their queries.

Why Opt for SPARK?

Choosing SPARK means choosing simplicity, intelligence, and efficiency. It’s easy to install and manage on any WordPress website. The intelligence of ChatGPT and the capability of the GPT-3 LLM ensures that your users receive relevant and accurate responses. Furthermore, the mission of SPARK is defined by Prompt Engineering, enabling it to provide responses specific to your implementation, such as your business hours and location.

Highlighting Features of SPARK

  • Platform Compatibility: Exclusively designed for WordPress websites.
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Interprets user intent to provide relevant responses.
  • ChatGPT Knowledge: Utilises the general knowledge of ChatGPT for intelligent responses.
  • GPT-3 Large Language Model (LLM): Employs the capability of GPT-3 LLM for accurate and comprehensive responses.
  • Prompt Engineering: Allows the mission to be defined by Prompt Engineering to include a small amount of data specific to the implementation.

Why Modern Businesses Trust SPARK

Modern businesses trust SPARK because it is more than just a chatbot. It’s a tool designed to enhance user engagement, provide relevant information, and ensure that your website visitors have a seamless experience. With SPARK, you can manage inquiries efficiently, provide essential information to your users, and engage with them in real-time.

Envision the Future with SPARK

Our AI-Assistant SPARK is not just a tool; it’s a vision for the future. A future where your digital platforms are intelligent, efficient, and user-friendly. With SPARK, you are taking the first step towards that future. Enhance your user engagement, provide relevant information, and manage inquiries efficiently with SPARK.


Ready for a Deeper Digital Dive? Introducing SPRINT

While SPARK offers a range of incredible features, there is always room for growth. Introducing SPRINT, the next level in our AI Assistants range. SPRINT offers all the features of SPARK but adds the capability of being ‘content aware’, meaning it can tailor responses based on the content of your website. Upgrade to SPRINT and take your user engagement to the next level.

Why Make the Shift to SPRINT?

Making the shift to SPRINT means embracing a deeper level of digital engagement. With SPRINT, you get all the features of SPARK plus the added benefit of content-aware responses. This means your chatbot will not only provide general information and responses defined by Prompt Engineering but will also tailor its responses based on the content of your website. Upgrade to SPRINT and embrace the future of digital engagement.

Embrace the future with SPARK, and when you’re ready, take a deeper digital dive with SPRINT. Upgrade your website experience and start engaging with your users in a more intelligent and efficient manner. And remember, as your needs grow, our AI-Assistants are here to grow with you.



Typical examples of use cases for SPARK include:

  • Estate Agent: Provide basic information such as the services offered by the estate agency, the areas they operate in, and contact details, information that can be specified in the Prompt Engineered mission and does not require frequent updates.
  • Health Practitioner: Respond to users asking about clinic hours and address, information that can be specified in the Prompt Engineered mission.
  • Retail: Provide information on store location, operating hours, and contact details, specified in the Prompt Engineered mission.
  • Restaurant: Respond to inquiries about restaurant operating hours, address, and menu highlights, details included in the Prompt Engineered mission.
  • Education: Provide general school or university information like address, contact details, and operating hours, specified in the Prompt Engineered mission.
  • Travel and Tourism: Respond to general inquiries about popular tourist destinations using the GPT-3 LLM.
  • Legal: Provide general legal information or definitions of legal terms using the GPT-3 LLM.
  • Finance: Answer general questions about finance, investments, and banking using the GPT-3 LLM.
  • Technology: Provide general information about technology trends, gadgets, or software using the GPT-3 LLM.
  • Entertainment: Respond to general inquiries about movies, music, and celebrities using the GPT-3 LLM.
  1. AI Assistant: SiteSage Spark is an AI Assistant
  2. Platform Compatibility: SPARK is exclusively designed for WordPress websites, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
  3. Natural Language Understanding (NLU): SPARK uses NLU to interpret user intent, enabling it to provide accurate and relevant responses.
  4. ChatGPT Knowledge: SPARK leverages the general knowledge of ChatGPT to provide intelligent responses to a wide range of queries.
  5. GPT-3 Large Language Model (LLM): SPARK employs the capability of the GPT-3 LLM to deliver comprehensive and accurate responses.
  6. Prompt Engineering: The mission of SPARK is defined by Prompt Engineering, allowing it to include a small amount of data specific to the implementation, such as business hours and location.
  7. WordPress Exclusivity: SPARK is designed exclusively for WordPress websites, ensuring a seamless integration and optimal user experience.


GPTs and AI-powered Chatbots Tailored for Every Need

SPARK: A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, specifically designed for WordPress sites. It delivers a mission crafted by Prompt Engineering and provides a ChatGPT style experience to the users.

SPRINT: An advanced AI-powered assistant. It encompasses all features of Spark and, additionally, is ‘content aware’ of the text on your web pages. This enables Sprint to use this extra information to provide more detailed and nuanced answers. Moreover, it offers enhanced support for the GPT-4 Language Model.

SPECTRA: A highly intelligent AI-powered assistant. It includes all the features of Sprint and additionally allows for the creation of an extensive custom knowledge base. The information from this knowledge base can be integrated with the ChatGPT style responses, making the answers even more comprehensive.

SOVEREIGN: The zenith of AI Virtual Assistant technology, meticulously engineered to include one or multiple channels, in addition to WordPress. It also seamlessly integrates with various business applications, providing a comprehensive digital assistant experience that goes beyond just answering questions.

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