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AI Mastery: Educate. Strategise. Innovate.

Coffee &
AI Chat

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Coffee & AI Chat:
Your Informal AI Conversation

AI doesn’t always have to be about intricate jargons and mind-boggling concepts. Our ‘Coffee & Chat’ initiative is an open invitation for a relaxed, yet confidential conversation with Simon Kirkpatrick himself. Picture a sunny morning, sipping your favourite brew, discussing your AI aspirations and concerns without any pressure. Whether you’re exploring the concept of AI for your business or looking for reassurances, this casual rendezvous is an opportunity to demystify AI and make it your own.

AI Audit

Digital lens focusing on key AI components.

Snapshot AI Audit:
Your Rapid AI Insight

Dip a toe into the vast ocean of AI capabilities with our Snapshot AI Audit. Designed for those who seek a quick grasp, our one-day intensive analysis provides a summarized view into how your business could flourish with AI. Our experts will dive into your operations, swiftly identifying key areas for AI integration. And as the day concludes? You’ll hold in your hands a concise consultancy report, pointing out the AI gems within your business waiting to be unearthed. It’s not just about spotting opportunities; it’s about rapid, actionable intelligence.

AI Exploration

Digital galaxy depicting deep AI exploration

Comprehensive AI Exploration:
Your Deep-Dive AI Expedition

For those who wish to delve deeper into the AI abyss, our Comprehensive AI Exploration is the beacon you’ve been seeking. Over three to five days, we don’t just understand your business; we become a part of it. From analysing intricate processes to identifying latent data goldmines, our experts thoroughly assess the potential for AI in every nook and cranny. The culmination? A meticulously crafted consultancy report paired with an insightful presentation for your management. Every layer of our exploration is aimed at illuminating the myriad ways AI can redefine your business trajectory.

Chief AI Officer


Fractional Chief AI Officer:
Your On-Demand AI Guide

A Fractional Chief AI Officer isn’t a mere stand-in; they’re your compass guiding you through the complex world of AI. Imagine the convenience of having a seasoned AI expert like our founder, Simon Kirkpatrick, without the full-time commitment. From staying ahead of AI trends to fostering innovation and managing AI risks, this service allows you to navigate the AI ecosystem with confidence and agility. It’s about crafting a unique AI strategy that fits snugly within your vision, enabling your business to soar higher than ever.

AI Advice

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Your Astute AI Ally.

Our Duforest AI Advisors act as your knowledgeable confidants. Their wisdom, derived from deep immersion in the AI landscape, is at your disposal, providing you with advantageous counsel and bespoke strategies. Imagine a relationship where every interaction is designed to imbue your business with a formidable competitive advantage and optimised returns. That’s what our Advisory Division offers. Welcome to a world where unstructured data transforms into strategic goldmines and your decision-making process is bolstered by the advanced prowess of AI.

AI Consultancy

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Your AI Problem Solver

Our Consultants don’t just analyse data; they decipher stories within, mapping out a path that addresses your unique business challenges. With your brief in hand, our consultants design a blueprint that perfectly marries your project objectives with the capabilities of AI. Picture a journey where every step you take is backed by data-driven insights and every milestone achieved signifies an AI-driven success.

Prompt Engineering

At Duforest AI, we excel in the art and science of Prompt Engineering. With a mastery over the intricate dynamics of artificial intelligence, we don’t just offer services – we deliver experiences. Our proficient team of AI specialists is highly adept in crafting bespoke prompts that perfectly resonate with your AI model’s objectives. Not only do we design the prompts, but we also fine-tune them for optimal performance, ensuring the AI’s interactions are precise, effective, and engaging. Our expertise offers unmatched value, transforming the way you interact with AI, one prompt at a time.

AI Mastery

Step into the future with Duforest AI. Through education, strategy, and innovation, we empower you to master AI and shape a future where your business doesn’t just survive, but thrives. Welcome to your AI journey – Your Mastery awaits.

Seeking AI Advice?


For an informal yet private conversation regarding your organisation’s requirements, or to further understand our AI education, strategy, and innovative services, please feel free to contact us.

Why not savour a cup of tea, relish a coffee, or engage in a round of pétanque whilst exploring the potential of AI?

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