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AI Assistants

SiteSage Chatbot Interface

AI Assistants:

OpenAI ChatGPT
As certified OpenAI developers, we excel in creating custom ChatGPT GPTs and bespoke solutions through the Assistants API, capitalising on the latest AI advancements. Our presence in the GPT Store ensures that your brand benefits from the forefront of digital innovation, with advanced, personalised interactions tailored to your specific needs.

AI Chatbots
Additionally, our in-house AI chatbots—Spark, Sprint, Spectra, and Sovereign—are distinct from our OpenAI developments and meticulously designed to grasp and interact with the specific nuances of your business. These tailor-made chatbots enhance every digital touchpoint with your brand, ensuring uniquely impactful and personalised user experiences.

AI Mentors

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AI Mentors:
Your On-Demand AI Coaches

Step into the future of business growth with our AI Mentors. These aren’t just chatbots but a fusion of global expert insights and AI capabilities, crafted to empower and guide your team on-demand. Whether you’re leaning into the communication prowess of Dale Carnegie or the tech insights of Andrew Ng, our AI Mentors are your ticket to revolutionary business transformation.

AI Automation

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AI Automation:

Streamline your operations with our bespoke AI Automation and Integration services. From automating mundane tasks to integrating complex digital ecosystems, our AI-driven solutions are tailored to dovetail with your specific business needs. Experience efficiency like never before.

AI Healthcare

Healthcare AI Fusion

AI Healthcare:

Revolutionise healthcare with our AI-driven solutions. From patient care to administrative tasks, our AI tools empower healthcare professionals to offer enhanced services with improved accuracy and efficiency. Embrace the future of healthcare, where AI aids in creating a healthier world.

Prompt Engineering

At Duforest AI, we excel in the art and science of Prompt Engineering. With a mastery over the intricate dynamics of artificial intelligence, we don’t just offer services – we deliver experiences. Our proficient team of AI specialists is highly adept in crafting bespoke prompts that perfectly resonate with your AI model’s objectives. Not only do we design the prompts, but we also fine-tune them for optimal performance, ensuring the AI’s interactions are precise, effective, and engaging. Our expertise offers unmatched value, transforming the way you interact with AI, one prompt at a time.

AI Mastery

Step into the future with Duforest AI. Through education, strategy, and innovation, we empower you to master AI and shape a future where your business doesn’t just survive, but thrives. Welcome to your AI journey – Your Mastery awaits.

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