At Duforest AI, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality quality education in the field of AI.

We are delighted to announce that Duforest AI, as an organisation, has received national recognition and accreditation as a provider of quality CPD education. We have been assigned accreditation number #781450, and we are now listed in the national CPD Register.

The CPD Group, the foremost assessor of CPD in the UK, has thoroughly evaluated our company to ensure our readiness to deliver CPD education. Their Accreditation and Compliance Team has assessed Duforest AI’s policies and procedures to verify that we possess all the essential components to meet rigorous CPD standards.

Duforest AI offers a broad selection of AI and ChatGPT courses designed for individuals at all levels within an organisation, including executive overviews of AI, ChatGPT utilisation for secretaries and PAs to enhance business efficiency, and technical courses for programmers focused on API’s and Plugins.

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CPD Approval Certificate 781450 reduced