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Begin your journey into the realm of AI-enhanced services with SiteSage Spark. Primarily tailored for WordPress platforms, this model utilises the innovative capabilities of GPT-3 to facilitate engaging ChatGPT-style conversations, offering a blend of sophistication and ease of use. It serves as an impeccable tool to automate initial customer interactions, providing them with a seamless and intelligent conversational experience. Embark on a path to revolutionising your business operations with SiteSage Spark, where innovation meets efficiency.


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Expand your WordPress site’s capabilities with SiteSage Sprint, a GPT-4 based AI-powered chatbot that’s not only proficient in providing support and automation but also proficient in understanding and interacting with the content of your web pages. This ‘content-aware’ chatbot offers an enriched user experience by providing responses that are contextually aligned with the page content, ensuring that your website visitors receive tailored and insightful assistance.


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Elevate your WordPress platform with SiteSage Spectra, a chatbot that takes automation to a new dimension. Harnessing the capabilities of GPT-4 technology, Spectra not only interacts seamlessly with your web pages but also integrates custom knowledge bases to provide a rich and personalised customer service experience. Spectra stands as a beacon of innovation, transforming your site into a knowledge hub that meets user inquiries with depth and precision.


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Experience the pinnacle of bespoke AI technology with SiteSage Sovereign. This premium tier model isn’t limited to WordPress, extending its reach to various channels and integrating seamlessly with a plethora of business applications, making it a versatile tool in your technological arsenal. Whether it’s harmonising with booking systems or other bespoke applications, Sovereign presents an unprecedented level of customisation and integration, providing a truly personalised and efficient business solution, fortified with state-of-the-art features tailored to your unique needs.

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SiteSage Spectrum  – a truly versatile Chatbot for any web environment. Integrates with WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger. Bespoke mix of button and free-form inputs, with decision trees and advanced flow logic.

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SiteSage Surge – an AI chatbot for WordPress sites. Prompt Engineered using GPT-4, Context Aware, Embeddings, Tuning, Vector Database.

SiteSage Surge
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