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“Embrace the Power of AI in Healthcare”

Join us in revolutionising healthcare by harnessing artificial intelligence, including ChatGPT and AI Assistants, to make care more personalised, efficient, and innovative. Start your transformative journey now and secure your place at the forefront of change. This course is specially designed for Musculoskeletal (MSK) practitioners, including Chiropractors, Osteopaths,  Physiotherapists, and Acupuncturists  

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Enhancing Patient Engagement with AI

In today’s digital age, patient engagement is more crucial than ever. It’s not just about interacting with patients, but about making those interactions meaningful, personalised, and efficient. Artificial Intelligence (AI), including ChatGPT, has opened up new avenues to revolutionise patient engagement, making it more interactive, responsive, and personalised. Here are three ways AI can help you improve patient engagement in your practice.

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Personalised Interactions

AI, including ChatGPT, allows the creation of virtual health assistants for personalised recommendations and support. ChatGPT-powered chatbots understand natural language, making interactions human-like, and can answer queries, provide recommendations, and offer emotional support.

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Efficient Communication

AI tools can analyse data to improve communication timing and responsiveness. For instance, AI can predict optimal times for communication, and ChatGPT can create responsive chatbots that handle multiple queries simultaneously, reducing wait times.

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Proactive Health Management

AI-powered tools can predict potential health issues and recommend preventive measures. ChatGPT chatbots can provide timely reminders for medication, exercise, and other healthy behaviours, encouraging proactive health management.

“Attending a Duforest AI webinar was a game-changer. The valuable insights, practical approach, and interactive nature made it easy to understand and apply real-world concepts, fostering engaging discussions and networking opportunities. Duforest AI excels in delivering top-notch, accessible, and engaging education. Highly recommended!” Colleen B.


Learn from Leaders in the ChatGPT & AI Industry!

“Elevate Your Skills with Expert Insight”

Gain invaluable knowledge from pioneers in the ChatGPT and AI realm. Our course is curated and led by industry experts with a deep understanding of AI’s application in healthcare. Equip yourself with essential skills and insights to transform your practice and enhance patient care. Seize this chance to learn from the best. Book now!

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You will receive a course completion certificate, which is accredited for 7 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.

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Prompt Library

Receive 1000+ prompts in Notion or pdf format. Ready to use, simply cut and paste!

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Get ongoing support via our exclusive Discord and WhatsApp communities.

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Prompt Master

Pass the optional end of course exam – earn ‘Prompt Master’ status.


Improve Your Clinic Efficiency

Optimise Your Clinic Operations with AI

In a world where efficiency is key to success, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game-changer for your clinic. AI not only helps in streamlining operations but also in enhancing patient engagement, ultimately leading to improved clinic efficiency. Discover how incorporating ChatGPT and other AI technologies can revolutionise the way you manage your clinic, optimise operations, and provide care to your patients.

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Simplify Appointment Scheduling

Leverage ChatGPT to manage appointments, confirm patient availability, and reduce administrative load and human error. This ensures smooth and efficient clinic operations.

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Boost Patient Engagement

Use ChatGPT to automate routine communications like reminders, treatment plans, and common queries. This frees up staff for critical tasks while keeping patients informed and engaged.

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Efficiently Allocate Resources

Utilise AI to predict patient no-shows, busy periods, and future inventory needs. This enables efficient staff and resource allocation, reduces wait times, operational costs, and improves the patient experience.

“I’ve attended several webinars on AI, but Duforest truly stands out. Simon Kirkpatrick’s insights and expertise are second to none. He has a knack for making complex concepts accessible and actionable.” Mark S.


Our Speaker
November 18, 2023

Simon Kirkpatrick

Founder & Prompt Engineer

“Introducing Simon Kirkpatrick: Duforest AI Founder”

Simon Kirkpatrick, founder of Guernsey-based Duforest AI, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich history in IT and AI, including ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering. He has successfully founded, grown, and exited various IT enterprises listed on major stock exchanges like Nasdaq, FTSE, NYSE, and TSE.


“Simon Kirkpatrick is a visionary in the AI field. His webinars are always insightful and packed with practical tips that I can immediately apply to my work. Duforest webinars are a must for anyone looking to stay ahead in AI.” Reg B.

Duforest AI

AI Education

Prompt Engineers

“Duforest AI: Unlocking AI’s True Potential”

Duforest AI is a leader in AI strategy, education, and Prompt Engineering. Specialising in NLP and generative AI, they offer accredited courses enabling participants to accumulate CPD hours and achieve the Prompt Master Certification. Their practical and research-backed approach ensures a profound understanding of AI, making it accessible and fully unleashed.


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