Executives in dialogue with a backdrop of AI symbols, highlighting the strategic use of AI tools in conversation.

ChatGPT for Acupuncturists


ChatGPT for Acupuncturists: AI Prompts for Your Practice

Unveiling our latest offering – a revolutionary course where the horizons of artificial intelligence meet the intricacies of healthcare. Designed exclusively for healthcare practitioners, like Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Physiotherapists and support staff, this course promises not just knowledge but mastery in harnessing the power of AI, notably ChatGPT, to transform patient care, improve engagement, and optimise operations. Dive into a world where technology amplifies the human touch, making healthcare more personalised, efficient, and innovative. Join us and be at the forefront of the next big leap in healthcare.

This course is a LIVE, instructor-led webinar that can be accessed globally with an internet connection.

Delegates will access a FREE Prompt Library consisting of 1000+ prompts, and gain CPD Accreditation worth 7 hours, culminating in a personalised certificate. For further mastery, an option to achieve the “Prompt Master” status via an end-course test is available. Additionally, delegates are invited to our exclusive Discord and WhatsApp communities for networking and support. Bookings are through Eventbrite, with Early Bird discounts and a 30-day full refund policy.

A healthcare professional interacting with ChatGPT and other AI technologies.
Executives in dialogue with a backdrop of AI symbols, highlighting the strategic use of AI tools in conversation.
A healthcare professional interacting with ChatGPT and other AI technologies.


This comprehensive course provides participants with a deep dive into the principles of generative AI, with a special emphasis on Prompt Engineering. From foundational knowledge of AI and its evolution to its practical applications in enhancing patient engagement and streamlining clinic operations, the content spans an extensive range. With special focus sessions for various healthcare practices, the course not only highlights the vast potential of AI but also offers hands-on experiences and workshops to put theory into practice.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Have a robust understanding of the fundamentals of ChatGPT technology and its relevance in a healthcare setting.
  • Be proficient in the art of Prompt Engineering tailored for their specific therapeutic domain.
  • Understand the practical applications of ChatGPT in enhancing patient engagement and improving clinic efficiency.
  • Be equipped to handle the ethical considerations, data security, and compliance issues related to AI in healthcare.
  • Apply their learnings in real-world scenarios through hands-on sessions, case studies, and role-playing exercises.
  • Unpack the potential of chatbots in health care, from basic conversational capabilities to advanced integrations with clinic systems.

    Course Syllabus


    🌟 Session 1: Foundations of AI & Generative Models:

    🧠 AI Overview:

    • What is AI & AGI?
    • Large Language Models: Basics and Beyond.

    πŸ› οΈ Language & Tools:

    • ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, and Bing Overview.
    • Differentiating AI Tools.
    • Playground vs. Chat.

    πŸ” Natural Language Understanding:

    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and NLU.

    βš–οΈ AI Evolution & Ethics:

    • Ethical Considerations in AI.
    • Understanding Model Biases.
    • Addressing Bias: Pros, Cons & Challenges.

    πŸ”‘ AI Limitations & Applications:

    • Recognising Model Limitations & Pitfalls.
    • Practical Use Cases Across Sectors.

    🌟 Session 2: Prompt Engineering Foundation:

    🧠 Deep Dive & Psychology:

    • Crafting Effective Prompts.
    • The Psychology Behind Engaging Prompts.

    🎭 Role-play & Proposals:

    • Role-play Simulations: β€œAct as a…”.
    • Crafting Proposals: β€œPropose a deal for…”.

    🀝 Customer Understanding:

    • Engaging with Users: β€œFrom the Perspective of…”.

    πŸ”„ Transfer Learning & Context:

    • Chats and Transfer Learning.
    • Effective Prompt Crafting for Contextual Results.

    🎯 Elicitation & Chain-of-Thought:

    • Techniques: β€œExplain like…”, β€œExpand on…”, β€œAct as…”.
    • Single & Multishot Prompts Exploration.

    πŸ›‘οΈ Feedback, Safety & Evaluation:

    • Safety Measures with AI.
    • Moderation & Harm Prevention.
    • Iterative Design & Feedback Loop.

    🌟 Session 3: Prompt Engineering for Universal Business Applications:

    πŸ“§ AI in Email Communication:

    • Crafting Effective Email Subject Prompts.
    • Personalising Email Content Using AI.

    πŸ“ Document Creation & Refinement:

    • AI-assisted Template Generation.
    • Editing & Proofreading with AI.

    πŸ“Š Spreadsheets & Data Analysis:

    • Data Entry & Automation Using AI.
    • Predictive Analysis & Forecasting with AI-driven Prompts.

    πŸ“ˆ Visual Representation:

    • Charts, Graphs & Data Visualisation Aided by AI.

    πŸ“– Slide Presentation Enhancement:

    • AI-Driven Design & Layout Suggestions.

    πŸ“± Social Media Strategy & Engagement:

    • Tailoring Content for Different Platforms with AI.

    πŸ€– AI-assisted Collaboration Tools:

    • Virtual Brainstorming & Idea Generation.

    πŸ“œ Best Practices & Ethics:

    • Keeping Authenticity in AI-Generated Communications.
    • Respecting Privacy & Data Protection.

    🌟 Session 4: Understanding ChatGPT & Its Clinical Potential:

    🀝 Engaging with ChatGPT:

    • Capabilities and limitations in a healthcare context.
    • Real-world use cases in health clinics.
    • Ethical considerations and patient privacy.

    πŸ€– AI Tools in Healthcare:

    • Chatbots, AI Automation, and their role in healthcare.

    🌟 Session 5: Foundations of Prompt Engineering for Healthcare:

    πŸ’‘ Tailoring Patient Communication:

    • Addressing common patient inquiries and concerns.
    • Using ChatGPT for public health education.

    🌐 Digital Engagement:

    • Social media engagement & video scripting.

    🌟 Session 6: Enhancing the Patient Experience with ChatGPT:

    πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ Patient-Centred Approach:

    • Personalised patient communication.
    • AI-assisted educational resources for patients.

    🌟 Session 7: Clinical Operations & Administrative Efficiency:

    πŸ“† Appointment Management:

    • Automating appointment scheduling and reminders.

    πŸ“„ Patient Documentation:

    • Managing intake forms, treatment plans, and post-care summaries.

    πŸ’Ό Front Desk Efficiency:

    • Streamlining tasks, billing, and resource management.

    🌟 Session 8: Advanced Prompt Engineering for Specialised Therapies:

    🦴 Chiropractic Care:

    • Designing prompts for musculoskeletal complaints and ergonomic recommendations.

    🌿 Osteopathy & Acupuncture:

    • Tailored prompts for in-depth patient histories and traditional practices.

    🦡 Physiotherapy:

    • AI-assisted diagnosis and rehabilitation guidance.

    🌟 Session 9: Tailored Prompt Engineering for Specific Therapies:

    🦴 For Chiropractors:

    • Gathering information on musculoskeletal complaints.
    • Designing prompts for postural assessments.
    • Crafting AI prompts for ergonomic recommendations.

    🌿 For Osteopaths:

    • Crafting prompts for in-depth patient histories.
    • Addressing movement restrictions.
    • Designing AI prompts for integrative treatments.

    πŸ‹οΈ For Physiotherapists:

    • Engineering prompts to guide exercise recommendations.
    • Crafting AI guidance for movement retraining.
    • Prompts for injury prevention techniques.

    πŸ’‰ For Acupuncturists:

    • Creating specific prompts to detail meridian imbalances.
    • Designing AI prompts for needle placement strategies.
    • Understanding traditional Chinese medicine concepts through AI prompts.

    🌟 Session 10: Best Practices, Ethical Considerations & Compliance:

    πŸ›‘οΈ Balancing AI Capabilities:

    • Balancing AI’s capabilities with human judgement.
    • GDPR, data security, and patient privacy.

    🌟 Session 11: Culturally Sensitive & Inclusive Patient Care with AI:

    🌍 Culturally Inclusive Prompts:

    • Crafting culturally sensitive responses.
    • Addressing specific cultural medical practices.

    🌟 Session 12: Integrating ChatGPT in Telehealth & Virtual Consultations:

    πŸ–₯️ Virtual Healthcare Experience:

    • Designing the AI-assisted virtual healthcare experience.
    • Crafting AI responses for remote therapy.

    🌟 Session 13: Feedback & Continuous Improvement:

    πŸ“ Harnessing Patient Feedback:

    • Iterative improvement in prompt design.
    • Crafting prompts for regular check-ins and care plan adherence.

    🌟 Session 14: Hands-on Workshop & Real-World Scenarios:

    πŸ› οΈ Prompt Crafting & Testing:

    • Crafting and testing prompts in real-time.
    • Role-playing for patient interactions.


    1. Given the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of Artificial Intelligence, this syllabus is subject to periodic revisions. While the syllabus might undergo modifications between its first publication and a course presentation, its core essence will remain steadfast. Our commitment is to ensure that the content always mirrors the latest advancements in AI and reflects the most contemporary generative AI tools available.

    2. This syllabus serves as a comprehensive overview of potential topics for the course and is not an exhaustive list of what will be covered during any specific presentation. Each course iteration is tailored uniquely based on the needs and requirements of the attending delegates. As such, certain topics may be omitted if they are not deemed relevant for a particular group. Rest assured, regardless of the topics covered, the primary objectives of the course will always be met.


      FREE Prompt Library
      Delegates will receive a comprehensive library of prompts in either PDF or Notion format, covering a wide array of topics and tasks. These prompts can be utilised as a valuable daily resource.

      CPD Accredited
      This course is accredited for 7 CPD hours.

      Course Certificate
      A personalised certificate will be presented to all who successfully complete this course.

      Prompt Master
      “Prompt Master” status can be attained by successfully passing an optional end-of-course test.

      Discord Server
      Delegates will have the opportunity to join our exclusive Discord server and WhatsApp communities. This allows them to connect with others who have completed a Duforest AI course. These resources provide a platform for sharing experiences, discussing best practices, and seeking ongoing support from Duforest AI.




      Please email educate@duforest.ai

      14 October 2023
      18 November 2023

      Β£195 – Early Bird
      Β£265 – Standard

      This course is a LIVE, instructor-led webinar that can be accessed globally with an internet connection.

      TIMING – London time
      Registration commences at 08:45
      The course start promptly at 09:00 and ends at 17:00
      There will be a 15 minute break both morning and afternoon. There will be a 30 minute break for lunch.

      All bookings are handled by Eventbrite
      Early Bird prices apply up to 30 days before the course
      Full Refund up to 30 days before the course


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