Welcome to Duforest Al Advisory services. Our founder, Simon, could be your dedicated Fractional Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (FCAIO), on a mission to unlock the full potential of Al for your business. With his deep expertise in AI, machine learning, OpenAl APIs & Plugins he’s ready to provide the leadership and guidance you need to successfully navigate the Al landscape and achieve outstanding results. As your FCAIO Simon provides organisations cost-efficient access to professional Al leadership, eliminating the need for a full-time executive.

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FCAIO Advantages

Advangates of an FCAIO

Choosing a Fractional CAIO means you gain cost-effective access to expert Al leadership without the need for a full-time executive. This flexible commitment empowers you to stay ahead of Al trends, drive innovation and growth, and mitigate Al-related risks. As your trusted advisor and partner in Al strategy and execution, together we’ll harness the power of Al to achieve your business objectives and outpace the competition.


Flexible Commitment


Trusted Advisor

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FCAIO Strategy

AI Strategy

We can help formulate your Al strategy, tactics, and roadmap. We can help with Al project management and risk reduction.

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AI Apps & Plugins

We have been granted OpenAI GPT-4 API and Plugin developer status. We can ensure you are ready for Al apps and the innovative ChatGPT Plugins marketplace.

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AI Projects

We can help evaluate Al initiatives, develop and implement strategies, and optimise ROI. We can create and deploy those crucial embeddings and fine-tuning.

AI Education from Duforest

AI Education

We use our extensive knowledge and experience as educators, we can help with Al education and skills enhancement for executives and all staff.


Tailored Approach

As your Fractional CAIO, Simon will work closely with you or your team to develop a comprehensive Al strategy tailored to your unique business objectives and challenges. By partnering with Duforest Al, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge Al insights, maximise the return on your Al investments, and position your business for long-term success in the rapidly evolving Al and digital world.


Al Strategy & Insights


ROl optimisation

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Demystifying AI

Demystifying Al: Overcoming Common Misconceptions

Al concepts are not as hard to understand as you might think, and we’re here to guide you through them. You don’t need to be a data scientist to leverage Al in your business. Al systems can be built and utilised by almost anyone, regardless of prior experience. Foundational pre-trained models and building blocks exist to simplify Al integration, making Al accessible and beneficial for businesses of all sizes.


Easy to Understand


Simplified AI Integration

Need Custom Advice?

To explore how our cost-effective FCAIO service could deliver a competitive edge for your business, contact Simon.

Advisors or Consultants?

Duforest AI Advisors resemble astute friends, utilising their AI knowledge and experience to offer you beneficial suggestions and advice. They forge enduring relationships with you and your company, striving to endow you with a competitive edge and optimised ROI.

In contrast, Duforest AI Consultants function as problem-solving experts, able to analyse data and provide a detailed plan or strategy to address specific challenges. They are briefed by you for a particular AI project.